Two weeks (M-F) of voice and text message coaching in Telegram.

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So. You’re in some MAJOR stuck energy right now.

You feel like a cute lil’ ladybug trapped in the spider web of your problems, wondering how to get TF out 🐞🕸️

You’ve tried overthinking it to death, but the more you try to solve the problem, the more confused you get (UGH).

Maybe it's....

A decision you need to take action on —

Pivoting from finance coaching into sex coaching even when you know your ex-boss follows you on Instagram.

A boundary you need to set —

Not being honest with your spouse that you're sick of going to Ohio EVERY weekend to hang out with their family and you reaaaaally want to stay home to do puzzles.

That habit you struggle to change —

Why you stayed at home to watch Brigerton and binge eat Cheetos instead of going to the gym (ugh!! Again!!!)

The limiting belief stuck like gum to the bottom of your shoe —

You suck with money because you're $50k in credit card debt, you won't ever truly be confident unless you lose weight, or that nobody "gets" you.

Whatever it is, it’s got you in a chokehold and you’re ready for a massive dose of clarity and momentum so you can move on to bigger and better things, yeah?

In this two-week Telegram intensive we will:

  • Explore and honor the feelings currently coming up for you
  • See where you’re giving too much power away to your problem and where you can reclaim it
  • Create more self-trust in your ability to problem-solve
  • Come up with a plan for next steps, and how to anticipate and mitigate future challenges that might come up (so you can squash them in their tracks!)

And honestly... all of that just scratches the surface of the depths we can explore 👀

Every intensive and (every client) is unique! We don't do cookie cutter approaches around here.

But what I can say, is prepare to go deep to the root of the problem, have some massive perspective shifts, and replace your crippling overwhelm with clarity and action.

P.S. not feeling stuck AF but curious what it would feel like to work together? This is a great space for that, too!

What's included: One client questionnaire (so we can hit the ground running on day 1!), two weeks of Telegram voice and text message coaching M-F.

After you book, you will receive an email from me ( to pick a start date!


REFUNDS. No refunds will be permitted for this service. Please be sure in your decision at the time of booking.

DISCLAIMER. As the client, you are solely and exclusively responsible for your own mental health, physical health, business decisions, and any other actions you choose to take. You acknowledge there are no guarantees of future life or business outcomes as a result of this coaching service. Coaching is not a therapeutic relationship or a medical one. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or medical health services, and you are responsible for seeking such services if necessary.

HEY!! email friends get $44 off intensives. Sign up here to grab the promo link!